Where to Find Vintage Football Jerseys?

Hard to find vintage football jerseys? Collectors and fans of round ball, here are our tips and good addresses to find your happiness, in one click!

We told you, footballers still do not understand much in fashion. While football, he has managed to seduce the fashion sphere (known to be rather demanding). Thus, jerseys and other football scarves are revisited by the creators, as we have seen in the last Paris Fashion Week where the brand Koché has diverted the jerseys of PSG … in dresses! But above all, wearing a football shirt is now a trend. Especially when the jersey dates from the 80s or 90s. Yes, vintage is cool. And it sells. Then the brands get started and stand out from the old collections, probably to awaken the nostalgia that lies dormant in us.

Adidas Originals just came out, as last season, retro jerseys Manchester United. But whereas a year ago the German brand had chosen to honor the 80s, the equipment maker of the club Mancunian this time designed a collection inspired jerseys Man U of the early 90s, glory period of the Red Devils. Le Coq Sportif has also reissued the famous Manufrance tunic of 1976 from AS Saint-Etienne, last season. And it is still available for sale on the brand’s website.

Another proof of this craze for “classics”, Neal Heard, an English football fan, even organized an exhibition/sale of jerseys in London last July called “The Art of Football”. Followed by a book The Football Shirts Book, The Connoisseur’s Guide. In short, it’s time to bring out your old jerseys. Or enrich your collection on these few online shops and addresses.

The oldest school: Sport Saga
On this online store dedicated to fashion and sports, the items are carefully selected from the collections of the biggest sports brands. Authenticity, elegance, vintage style and sports culture.

The most varied: Retro Football
As the name suggests so well, this site offers retro articles related to football. If for example, you are looking for the good old shirt Manufrance AS Saint-Etienne 76, this is where it happens!

The richest: Box2Box
Here you will find the Andres Iniesta jersey in the 2009/10 Spanish selection at 59.99 lbs, the 1996 jersey of the Netherlands at 139.99 lbs or the team’s jacket. France 1998 at 79.99 pounds. In short, this site contains many nuggets for football fans.

The most french: Sport d’Epoque
This French brand was founded by two sports enthusiasts in 2007. Sport d’Epoque now offers reproductions of vintage jerseys including the team of France and other nations of the world. rugby and some football jerseys. Like the jersey of the Blues from 1909 to 1914 or that of 1939. Count 169 euros for good quality jerseys made in France.
Shops at 95 rue du Bac, Paris 7th and 13 rue des Blancs Coats, Paris 4th

Most English: Sports Direct
This sporting article sign is a kind of English version of Decathlon, to a detail, Sports Direct offers its customers vintage football jerseys.

The most leather: Serigraf Ball
This site has made a specialty, to make custom vintage balloons, and sewn hand, a pledge of quality and strength.

The most authentic: Classic Football Shirts
Good old soccer jerseys, authentic, this site abounds. The prices are sometimes reasonable sometimes excessive, but 90 pounds sterling for a Manchester United flocked shirt Cantona, it is justified. But most importantly, Classic Football shirts is doing well because it offers jerseys worn by players during an official match. For example, you can find the jersey of Glasgow Rangers worn by former Monegasque Dado Prso in UEFA Cup, or the jersey released by Jean-Pierre Papin with OM against Ajax Amsterdam in the European Cup 1987/88. Attention, some jerseys can exceed the sum of 1000 €.

Most participative: Classic 11
Internet users make estimate the value of the jerseys that they do not wish to keep, Classic 11 them to buy them to resell them then. It is not uncommon to come across real nuggets, like this jersey of Lazio Rome flocked Nesta. The shirts are classified by clubs and leagues. Convenient to find the rare pearl.

The most English (bis): Kitbag
This is probably the least complete site on this list, however, it offers jerseys from the English, Dutch and even one of the French team, the jersey exterior worn by the Platini band at the 1982 World Cup.

The most unexpected: Asos
Specializing in the sale of clothing online, the site Asos includes old jerseys, and the oldest of almost all ball sports, including football. Looking a little, we can make great finds at affordable prices.

The most pointed: Copa Football
This site is undoubtedly the most varied of the list. Old jerseys from the USSR to Brazil jersey worn by Pelé in the 60s, the cloakroom of Copa football is rich and well stocked.

The most tailor-made: Toffs
At Toffs, the English site (still) specialized in the sale of football jerseys and rugby, it is not enough to sell stocks of old jerseys, it is manufactured. This is how old jerseys from Arsenal or AC Milan are reproduced under the Toffs label. Small flat, the platform does not offer jerseys of French clubs …

The most seventies: Sport-Vintage
Launched in 2007 on the internet by Fabrice Benhaïm, Sport-Vintage has subsequently opened a physical shop in the streets of Bordeaux. Customers can see up close and touch the jerseys before buying them. Sport-Vintage is aimed especially at nostalgic Maradona, Cruyff, Beckenbauer or Platini by offering reprints that perfectly imitate the originals, all without logo or sponsors.

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